What People Are Saying

“I play a lot of sports and have been receiving massages from Chrissie for 19 years. Whatever aches and pains I may have, Chrissie always sorts me out. Not only is she an amazing therapist, but she is also unusually nice.
Cathy Ball”

“Huge thank you Chrissie for yet another amazing massage. Loved the ‘cups’ technique. Apart from releasing my knotted muscles, physical touch is hugely beneficial for me. To all of you singles out there, it’s not weird to get a massage for a therapeutic dose of oxytocin.”

“Having awoke at 4 am this morning with a growing fear that I may never move again! …my back is dangerously close to going into spasm…I rang Chrissie for help. Not only did she take my kids to school …probably not part of her usual service ..but she then spent 2 hours doing her magic thing…AND NOW I FEEL FINE!!! the only conclusion is that Chrissie is very probably the best massage therapist around here by far…thank you my dear friend and magic lady Xxx
Jackie Cleary – Hair Stylist”

“Chrissie is like Heineken, she gets to the parts that others don’t reach.
Phillipa Norton – Pharmaceutical Consultant”

“I have used Chrissie over the last 3 years for massage on my problematic back and Achilles, after going down the normal route, Doctors, Physio, and specialists, with little results, I was then recommended to Chrissie and decided, nothing ventured nothing gained! After just 2 sessions my back felt brand new, it was not just my back though, Chrissie identified other areas that were contributing to my problem and put them right too.
I would highly recommend Chrissie to anyone, very professional, has very reasonable prices, and is excellent at her job, I feel like I have done 12 rounds with David Haye when she has finished with me but the results are worth it.
Mark Foakes – Businessman”

“I had suffered from headaches for 26 years, and then someone suggested that massage might help. After two sessions with Chrissie, my headaches have stopped.
Upholsterer and Dressmaker”

“I have had my fair share of massages from different therapists and I have to say that Chrissie has been the best; she has a gift. Every time I see Chrissie for a treatment we start by discussing how I am feeling and what I want to achieve from the treatment. For example, if I need to switch off and relax, she will do a relaxing massage with perhaps a foot massage or Reiki at the end. If my shoulders and back are very tense she will do what I call a “pummeling” where she gets into the muscle knots to release the tension. This is then finished off with a relaxing massage. She tailors each treatment to what I need and listens. I have noticed a big difference in my headaches, tension, and flexibility, plus my stress levels!
Lyndsay White – Lawyer”

“I had been suffering from unexplained pain in my ribs for a very long time and have tried many different therapies for this problem. No one has hit the spot like Chrissie, the pain eased after the first treatment.
Jackie Crook – Project Manager.”

“My legs felt great cycling after my massage yesterday, much better than they ever have (my thighs have bothered me for the last year) I have loads of energy and could have done the same ride again.
Tom Smith – Cyclist”

I have been receiving Refloxology for many years as I find it extremely relaxing. I am now caring for my husband who has dementia and find that I am more able to cope and stay calm after I have had my treatment.
Name and address supplied.


I feel so relaxed after my massage, all I want to do now is sleep. I do want to give a big thank you to Chrissie for such a wonderful gift. It gave rest to my soul. I’ve often thought about the Scripture, ‘Come unto me all who are heavy with burden and I will give you rest’. God has given you a great gift of helping others to find a bit of rest during times of great burdens. Thank you for your friendship.
Stephen Majors.”

I’ve been a reflexology patient of Chrissie’s for over 5 years now. I have recommended other patients to her, the reason why is simple: she has a natural affinity for healing. Once she has your feet in her hands, she understands your health and stresses better than you do. As well as being highly effective and professional, Chrissie brings a charm to therapy that is so often lacking elsewhere. Her calm and unhurried manner is a great relaxation all of its own. I am certain that you will leave her after a session feeling wonderful and it lasts. Quite simply, she is unlike any other therapist I’ve met.

John Gibbon – Lt Col”

“Chrissie was recommended to me by a work friend as my back has not been its best for years after 25 years of gymnastics and 27 years in the building trade… I’m now nearly 50 and was worried about what might go wrong rather than what would work… well I bit the bullet and have had one session to date and WOW my lower back pain has gone and I can move around like I used to…. I’m so glad my movement is back…Many thanks, Chrissie… Looking forward to the next treatment }}
Mark Powell – Builder and Landscaping”